Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Looks Almost Sure To Run Wear OS

Rumors that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will go back to bed with Google would be a boost for both sides as they try to challenge the all-powerful Apple Watch, argues Chris Smith.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch range and Google’s Wear OS both need each other. Google has not done a very good job of making Wear OS feel like a big deal, but the fact is that it is home to the main Google services and many important third-party applications that any true rival Apple Watch should have.

If Samsung decides to abandon its homemade Tizen operating system for the Galaxy Watch 4 due to this summer, it would be a cautious step that could make the wearable the best Smartwatch for those who are not in the Apple ecosystem.

Last year, we offered the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 4.5 out of 5 stars. Perfection was simply better battery life and a wider choice of applications away. Our reviewer wrote, ” to be clear, the app’s support is nowhere near Apple Watch levels.”A new Wear operating system could bring the power of the Play Store to Android owners.

“The Galaxy Watch 3 is not the Apple Watch finisher that Android Fans have been waiting for,” wrote our own Alastair Stevenson. But the Galaxy Watch 4 could be if this Premium version, the stunning design, the surprisingly impressive health and fitness tracking and solid Smartwatch features feature an App Store that offers the best of what the Play Store has to offer. Ironically, Al disagrees.

I can sort of see his point of view. Wear OS is not perfect at the moment. Changing this will take effort from Google. Like a real Effort. Calling Wear OS an afterthought would be an understatement. The company has constantly neglected its wearable platform and now few manufacturers really trust Wear OS-TicWatch, Fossil and Misfit.

Search for Synergy

The Apple Watch remains the default support for Smartwatches, but it’s not as if the Chasing Pack makes life particularly difficult. It seems that most other Smartwatches do one or two things particularly well, but struggle to find the complete package that Apple has compiled.

For example, there are better fitness-oriented watches, such as the Garmin Fenix range, but they are not as effective as Smartwatches. There are good options for Android users like the TicWatch Pro 3, which offers the best Google services, but the hardware is not quite as Premium. The Fitbit Sense offers all of Fitbit’s consumer-focused activity tracking and has Alexa integration, but the FitbitOS lacks a full Suite of apps.

We can continue. The Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro offers two weeks of battery life and offers almost all other high-end Smartwatch. However, given that the US trade law prohibits Google from offering its apps and services to Huawei, the Chinese company will probably replace its own Harmony operating system and face the same problem as SAMSUNG’s Tizen watches: not enough apps.

Wear OS (nee Android Wear) is due for a major overhaul and this could be the perfect year. There have long been rumors about a Pixel watch that has never played a role in product releases. This year it could be different, as Google reportedly plans to launch its first Pixel watch from the Pixel brand, which accompanies the Pixel 6. If so, Wear OS will definitely have the love and attention it needs all the time. Perhaps we see The integration of the Fitbit operating system that Google now controls after The Fitbit purchase?

Friends with benefits

It could be a catalyst for Google-based Wearables with which Samsung would cleverly jump on Board. After all, there are few tech giants that have done more for each other’s notoriety than Samsung and Google (Ok, maybe Intel and Microsoft).

Samsung was one of the first companies to release a sexy Android phone. The Galaxy S2 may have been the first ” Wow!”device to really capture the imagination at the beginning of the touch screen era. Samsung helped put Android on the map, and over the years the Galaxy range has always been ranked among the best Android phones.

There is no reason that this partnership cannot be replicated in The Smartwatch space, which is similarly dominated by Apple’s twenty-one-year-old hardware and an almost perfect software and application ecosystem.

THE Galaxy Watch 4 could finally be the Smartwatch Android users dreamed of-effectively excluded from owning an Apple Watch. Samsung and Google needed each other, because Smartphones were one thing. We could be about to see more fruits of a profitable partnership for both.

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