Impressive 5G Phones: The Next-Gen Handsets For You

Not so long ago, 5G seemed like a tube dream and certainly not long ago, it was a Technology reserved for most high-end devices. In 2020, 5G was expanded to the full breadth of the smartphone market – from Budget 5G phones to overUltra – Premium devices. Here is our handy guide to reliable reviews of the best 5G phones.

If you are about to pick up a phone or want to move into the future at any time, it is important to consider whether the time has come to proceed with this 5G upgrade. Now that the industry has moved from 4G to the new connectivity standard, there is a lot of choice and there will only be more.

We are giving a full review to all these incoming 5G phones, and we need to see if they can make it on this List. Until then, keep reading to see the pros and cons of these exciting 5G devices and check out our detailed reviews if you want more.

1. Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus


Cool design
Large Screen
Nippy Performances
Decent Battery


Naughty Skin
8K video recording is useless

Why we liked the Samsung Galaxy S20 plus

The Galaxy S range has gradually started to get a little more Note-y, become squarer and adopt the same Selfie camera cutout positions for the S20 range, and it certainly worked in phones.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 plus is an absolute eye-catcher-from the minimalist back to the full and vivid screen. Design is one of the main reasons why it is on our List of the best 5G phones, but it is much more than appearance.

While British Samsung fans miss the faster Qualcomm Snapdragon version, the Exynos model, even in super soft 120 Hz mode, is not a slouch blister thanks to games like PUBG, as well as a comfortable jump from task to task in everyday use.

The Galaxy S20 plus leaves aside previous reviews about the battery life of Android flagships-about one and a half days in QHD+ 60Hz mode. With daily use of 120 Hz, you will need a powered before the end of the day.

2. OnePlus 8 Pro


Large Screen
Seriously powerful
Camera Enhancement
Finally, wireless charging


Large size and too curved screen make it uncomfortable to hold and use without a case
Camera color filter is completely useless

Why we liked the OnePlus 8 Pro

OnePlus’s 2020 flagship offers everything it has in its search for the best 5G phone on the market, and not much is not found. OnePlus 8 Pro brings all the High-Spec chops that we have expected from the company in recent years and deals with some important reviews.

In addition to the fast performance offered by the Snapdragon 865 processor and the adorable OxygenOS version of Android, an improved camera and wireless charging make it the OnePlus phone so far rich in SPECIFICATIONS. The eye-catching performance is only enhanced by a glorious 120Hz OLED panel that really goes toe-to-toe with the Samsung-The usual mobile screen-Titan.

OnePlus has not massively updated the Design of the 8 Pro, but it still screams Premium and the color “Icy Green” is an outstanding Option. While its size and curve don’t make it the easiest phone to hold, they make that mind-blowing display experience and daily battery life easier (at 120Hz 1080p settings).

3. Realme X50 5G


Very good battery life
Low price for a 5G phone
Well specced screen 120Hz
Strong general and playful representation
Surprisingly capable main camera even at night
Back glass


Two of the rear cameras are filling
No Headphone Jack

Why we liked the Realme X50 5G

Realme X50 5G is a hard phone to understand. It has so many remarkable specifications that it makes very little sense to be so inexpensive – but Realme did.

From one of the lowest 5g phones to one of the lowest 120 Hz display phones to a glass on the back, the List of surprises is long and impressive.

The device has even more remarkable features under its belt. While the Quad camera might be a bit overkill, the daily shots you can do with the X50 5G offer more detail and flashy colors than most phones near this price point.

4. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE


Snapdragon 865 also in the British Model,
Better battery life than other S20 models
Beautiful color selection
Flat panel 120 Hz


You have to pay more for the faster charger
Secondary cameras are not the most detailed

Why we liked the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Samsung has sneaked between Google and Apple’s Big 2020 phone with a carefully optimized Version of its S20 phone since the beginning of the year – and it feels like a smart move.

First, the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition (FE) answers the prayers of British Fans and provides them with the Snapdragon 865 for the 5G Version – unlike the Exynos configuration of the original S20. This means that all S20 FE users get top-notch Android performance that becomes just a glorious, uncut 120Hz OLED panel.

The stunning display is complemented by the sleek and attractive design for which Samsung is known – even if it has a glass back – and there is a wide range of eye-catching colors.

If fast speed, smooth display and sleek Design are not enough, the new Fan Edition also outperforms its S20 siblings in terms of battery life – the 4500mAh battery outperforms other Exynos-Sporting UK models.

5. Huawei P40 Pro


Class Head Camera
Good Battery Life
Stylish design
Great if you don’t want to Google


No Google service means you probably want to look elsewhere for the price (which is a shame)
Massive Hole Punch
App gallery needs serious improvements quickly

Why we liked the Huawei P40 Pro
Let’s immediately show the elephant in the room and show him the door saying that the Huawei P40 Pro does not support Google services, and if you are not very confident that you can get by with the more restricted application selection, Huawei’s flagship is quite expensive for what you get – even with 5G.

Nevertheless, the material is remarkable and deserves recognition. Huawei has long been a camera competitor in the smartphone market and the P40 Pro is no different. The P40 offered a huge level of detail, an impressive 5x optical zoom and an adorable ultra-wide sensor, and now the P40 Pro has received all those camera chops with the added benefit of optical image stabilization-an exciting combination.

Besides Samsung, Huawei makes some of the highest-end (and most expensive) devices on the market, but the P40 Pro offers something that sets it apart. The proven glass sandwich formula is a bit thin and Huawei fights this by offering a frosted glass back-it’s stylish, unique and collects less annoying fingerprints.

The P40 Pro has little to disappoint on the datasheet and is found in a superb 1200 x 2640 90Hz OLED panel, a fast Kirin 990 processor, 40W charging and a day of battery life-in addition to all the qualities we have already mentioned.

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